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Elementary Turkish

Elementary Turkish: A Complete Course for Beginners
by Kurtuluş Öztopçu (Revised Edition in 2 volumes)
Santa Monica-Istanbul, 2015. ISBN 978-975-7981-40-4

Volume I: Türk Dilleri Araştırmaları Dizisi 43. Softcover, 343 pages
Volume II: Türk Dilleri Araştırmaları Dizisi 44. Softcover, 397 pages
The set includes 2 downloadable audio CDs.

“Elementary Turkish is a comprehensive academic course for students who are serious about learning Turkish”

Elementary Turkish has been adopted as a textbook at more than 30 universities in the U.S. since it was first published in 2006. Once students complete the two volumes, they should be able to speak, understand, read and write Turkish at the level of intermediate-mid specified in AATT’s (American Association of Teachers of Turkic Languages) Provisional Proficiency Guidelines for Turkish.
Both volumes can be used in a classroom setting or as self-study aids.

To learn more about this textbook, see the detailed overview of the contents. You can also preview a learning unit.


“This long-awaited textbook fulfills a wide range of classroom and individual needs and has been used successfully across the country.” — Dr. Sylvia Wing Önder, Turkish Language and Culture, Georgetown University

This is indeed a complete course Turkish teachers and learners need. It is designed to provide beginning students with sufficient Turkish to meet most of their everyday needs. The book contains both authentic and teacher prepared materials. It also contains pictures that give students a glimpse of what Turkey is like. I congratulate Dr. Öztopçu for publishing such an important book. I will recommend it to my students and I strongly encourage my colleagues to use it in their classes. — Dr. Güliz Kuruoğlu, Turkish Language Instructor, UCLA

“We have searched 10 years for a high-quality Turkish language textbook. Dr. Öztopçu’s Elementary Turkish is a comprehensive academic text for students who are serious about learning Turkish. The staff and students at the Beverly Hills Lingual Institute are very grateful for this much-needed addition to the Turkish language learning process. The text is excellent; we have found nothing else remotely comparable.” — Dr. Karin Fallon, Director, Beverly Hills Lingual Institute

“This course is the only course of its kind. As a student I found it invaluable because the grammar explanations are detailed, clear and well-supported by numerous examples based on everyday speech. The dialogues are contemporary and the additional vocabulary is expansive. Each unit contains numerous exercises and a comprehensive answer key is included for all the exercises. There are two audio CDs for listening and practice vocalization based on native Turkish speakers.” — Mary Riedel, student